About Us

Once upon a time, in a small town basement, a couple of dimwits bought a screen printing kit.
One day they cut a design out of wax paper and printed a handful of shirts for a friend’s summer fruit stand.
People liked them, the friend reordered and gave them money. They bought beer and thought they were entrepreneurs.
Word got out that they printed pretty good stuff on the cheap and soon, the local JCPenney ran out of blank T-shirts.
They bought better beer. When the basement got too small, they bought an historic (affordable) building on Main Street that still has an 1800’s bullet hole in the Victorian front door glass.
Suddenly, trucks appeared and began carrying off thousands of original designs to stores all over the USA. Trade shows and mail order catalogs soon had us all working too hard.
Now, here we are on the Interwebs, ready to print the most ridiculous things onto fine quality shirts that we can send them right to your house!
Give us a try. More than anything we want you to love us and be happy with our shirts and send us beer money.
We are still where we started, in Allegany, New York, a college town (St. Bonaventure University) in southwestern New York.  We create and design all of our own original concepts so if you see a replica out there, we came up with it first.  

And now, our vitals:

I'm Peter


I'm the one in the middle child, younger than Dan, older than Mikel.  I carry the excess baggage as they still maintain their schoolboy figures.

I once had a serious thought about something, but darned if I can remember what it was. No one else seems to remember either. It it ever comes back I will it write down.

Not being born with the arty fartzy gene like Dan and Mikel, I do most of the business of the shirt. The real nitty gritty like figuring and ciphering, licking stamps, and making "back in 5 minutes" signs for the door. I even put the flowers in the window box on Memorial Day, but watering them is a bitch.  Doing anything too technical makes my brain smoke.

Other than that, I'm left handed, and I've always had flat feet, but that beats having a hammer toe.

Hey… here's a picture of me in space.  You can see chunks of asteroids hitting me in the head. 

I'm Dan


Dan has been a graphic designer and illustrator for 40 years  and now lives in Pittsburgh’s amazing Mexican War Streets with his wife Leslie. His work has been reproduced for clients throughout the United States and Canada including magazine cartoons for Omni, Penthouse, and Saturday Review. For the past 36 years he and his brothers have produced original t-shirts for stores and mail-order catalogs across the country. 

Visit Dan's personal page at

I'm Mikel 



I'm Matt

Matt has joined in case any of founders need CPR in a hurry.  He is here to help fix computers, post videos to facebook, and remind us what the hell we were trying to do just a minute ago.  Matt worked 4 years in the corporate world before he realized he wanted to help out his starving artist uncles.  What he didn't realize is that they should have been institutionalized years ago and is worried Dan or Chippi may cut their ear off at any moment for the sake of art while Peter gladly watches while playing the harmonica.